Car Rentals

Avis Rent-a-car

PO Box: 833, Ruwi, Postal Code - 112
Tel: 00968-24706526
Fax: 00968- 24794980

Muscat Intercontinental, Tel:(00968)- 24601224, 24607235
Fax: 24694885

Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Tel: 00968-24703242
Sheraton Oman Hotel, Tel: 00968- 24799899
Grand Hyatt, Tel: 00968- 24696596
Seeb Airport, Tel: 00968- 24519176
Salalah, Tel: 00968- 23235582

4WD: Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol
Saloon: Mitsubishi Lancer, Suzuki Baleno, Mazda Cronos, Honda Accord
Luxury: Mercury Sable, Ford Taurus, Chrysler Concorde & Chrysler New Yorker
Rates: RO 14 per day (4WD from RO 40 per day), RO 88 per week RO 260 per month. Low Season Discounts on request.
Insurance: RO 3 per day excl. PAI.
U/M: Over 3 days, except on 4WDs.
Recovery: Yes Chauffeur: From RO 15 pd.
PDO specs available, Baby Seats (RO 10 per rental), Credit Cards/Avis charge cards.

Al Maskry Car Rentals

PO Box: 409,Madinat Qaboos, Code: 115,Al Ghubrah
Telefax: (00968) - 24591538
4WD: 16 Toyota Landcruisers, Nissan patrols
Saloon: 38 Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Mazda
Luxury: 8 Dodge, Ford, BMW
Rates: From RO 10 per day, RO 63 per week, RO 180 per month. Low season discounts.
U/M: 250 km per day
Insurance: Full, Chauffeur available
Airport transfers, credit cards

Al Maha Rent a car

Phone numbers: 24603376,24603359,24602208 Fax: 24605502
Email Id:
Way No.1522, Villa No:1450, Madinat Al IIIam

Economy to Luxuary Cars, Pick ups, 4WDs Buses & Commercial Vehicles with or without PDO Specifications, Chauffeur Services, Special rate for Long Term Leasing.

Budget Rent-a-Car Travel and Allied Services LLC.

PO Box: 889,Muscat, Postal Code 113,Ruwi
Novotel Tel:(00968)- 24704244, 24794721/23
Fax: 24798144 GSM: 99427386
Seeb Airport (24 hrs): (00968)-24510816/817, Fax: 24704248
Salalah Airport:(00968)- 23290097, Fax: 23235966
Salalah Port Services:00968- 99427387
Al Falaj Mercure Hotel: (00968)- 24702311(ext 890) Fax: 24798144
Sur Mercure Hotel: (00968)-443777 ext 512
4WD: 60 Toyota Landcruisers and Nissan Patrols
Saloon: Volkswagon, Puegeot, Mitsubishi, Passat, Toyota
Luxury: Audi, Dodge, Taurus
Rates: From RO 14 per day, 91 per week, RO 200 per month. Low season discount.
Insurance: RO 3 per day. Monthly rate inclusive. On waiverable excess RO 50.Border crossing RO 15 (7 days).
U / M: 250 km per day. Over one week unlimited.
Recovery: Within capital within 24 hrs
Chauffeur: Ro 15 for first 8 hrs. RO 3 per hour on holidays and from 7 am to 7 pm.
Long term leasing, transfers and city tours, baby seats, and roof racks available on request. Muscat - Salalah one-way RO 125, credit cards

Europcar Oman

PO Box 3275, Ruwi, Postal Code 112
E Mail:
Main Office: MBD Tel: 24700190, 24700191 Fax: 24794061
Muscat Holiday Inn Tel: 24684093
Seeb Airport Tel: 24519014
Salalah Tel: 23297948 Fax: 23297958
Sur Beach Hotel Tel: 26440735 Seeb
Novotel Hotel Tel: 24510300
Al Sawadi Forum Resort Tel: 26895545
4WD: Toyota Prado, Landcruisers,
Saloon: Honda Civic, Ford Taurus, Nissan Sunny, Mazda Lantis, Toyota Camry
Luxury: Mercury Grand Marquise
Mini bus: Toyota, Nissan 15-seater bus
Rates: RO 13 per day (4WD from RO 26), RO 84 per week. Weekend rate from RO 24.onwards
Insurance: CDW from RO 2 per day + PAI.
U/M: 100 km per day
Chauffeur: From RO 15 per day. Muscat to Salalah & Sur one-way. Long term leasing, Sightseeing Tours & Airport Transfers, Credit Cards.

Hertz National Travel & Tourism

PO Box 962, Muscat, Postal Code 113
Wattayah Tel: 24566208 Fax: 24566125
Seeb Airport (24 hrs) Tel: 24521187
(24hours Hertz help desk available at Airport)
4WD:Toyota Landcruisers, Prado Explorers (PDO specs available).
Saloon: Toyota Corolla, Camry, Tercel, Ford Contour, Escort, Taurus, Sable
Luxury: Grand Marquis / Lexus

Others: Lexus Van: Hiace Bus: Hiace 15-Seater, Coaster 25-seater Rates: RO 13 onwards. Low Season Discounts: 10% Insurance: Comp. Insurance incl.
U/M: 150 kms
Chauffeur: Available Tour Lease, Transfers, Sightseeing, Long Leasing, Credit Cards, Hertz Cards, LPOs.

Khimji Ramdas

PO Box 19, Muscat, Postal Code 113
E Mail:

Wadi Kabir

Tel: 24817822 Fax: 24895988
4WD: 3 Hummers “Go-anywhere” 4WDs.
Rates: RO 1,500 per month
Insurance: RO 5 per day U/M: 100 km per day
Recovery: Yes
Chauffeur: RO 10 per day

MARK Rent-A-Car

PO Box 3310, Ruwi, Postal Code 112
Location: Al Iskan Street, Ruwi
Tel: 24782727
Fax: 24786885
Seeb Int. Airport
Tel: 24510033
4WD: Toyota Landcruisers, Prado
Saloon: Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Camry, Mazda 6, Nisan ultima, Suzuki SX4.
Airport transfers, Credit cards


PO Box 1422, Muttrah, Postal Code 114
Safari Jeep Showroom
Tel: 24567261, 24561482 Fax: 24560168
4WD: 25 Saloon: 50 Luxury: 2
Recovery: Country-wide
Chauffeur: Available Meet & Greet, Credit Cards.

Suwatco Renta Car

PO Box 1163, Ruwi, Postal Code 112.
OC Centre, Ruwi Tel: 24707840 Fax: 24709662
4WD: 5 Toyota Landcruisers
Saloon: 10 Toyota Corolla
Luxury: 2 Toyota Cressida
Buses: 2 14-seater Hyundai
Rates: From RO 12 per day, RO 70 per week, RO 200 per month. High Season Discount.
Insurance: Comp. U/M: 200 km per day
Recovery: Available
Chauffeur: On request
Credit Cards.

Thrifty Car Rental

Al Haditha LLC, PO Box 198,
Muttrah, Postal Code 114.
Al Khuwair - HQ Tel: 24489648

Qurum, Al Wadi Comm. Centre
Tel: 24567785 Fax: 24567784
Muttrah Business Dist Tel: 24784275 Fax: 24750436
Seeb Airport (24 hrs) Tel: 24521189
4WD: 40 Toyota Landcruisers, Nissan Patrol
Saloon: 380+ Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry
Luxury: 20 Ford Taurus
Vans: Toyota Hiace, Mitsubishi Rosa Buses
Rates: From RO 12 per day, RO 80 per week, RO 180 per month (low season). 4WDs from RO 33 per day. High season RO14, 90 and 200 respectively.
Insurance: From RO 2 per day (CDW)
U/M: 200 per day. U/M on monthly rentals.
Recovery: Emergency Tel: 24489648
Chauffeur: From RO 15 per day
Package Tours with driver, Camping equipment hire, Visas, Airport Transfers, Credit Cards.

Toyota Rent-A-Car

PO Box 282, Muscat, Postal Code 113
Bahwan Travel Building: Tel: 24704455 Fax: 24700483
Hotel Crowne Plaza Tel: 24561427, 561437 Fax: 24565968
Majan House Tel: 24600835, 24600896, 24600793 Fax: 24601056
Seeb International Airport - 24510224, 24510933
Salalah International Airport - 23290908 / 23294665, Fax: 23294213
Round the clock service - GSM: 99327035 / 99370753
Pager nos: 9120750 / 9101587
4WD: 40+ Toyota, Izuzu, GM, Ford
Saloon: 70+ Mercedes, GM, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru
Luxury: 20+ Buses: 2 Pick-ups
Rates: Saloon - RO 12 per day, 4WD RO 30 per day
Insurance: Available
U/M: On lease vehicles
Recovery: Available
Chauffeur: Available
Mobile Phones, Tour Assistants, Credit Cards.

Towell Lease

24 Hr Contact Number ------ 96790684
PH : 24494103

Car rental and Leasing
Fleet includes 1.3 Ltr Saloon cars up to 4WDs & Commercial vehicles,
Rental Starting from R.O 10/- for saloon Cars
R.O 28/- onwards for 4WDs
(Rate inclusive of comprehensive insurance)
Office located Opp to Grand Mosque Azaiba, on Main Highway
Free delivery and collection in capital Area.

Zubair Automotive

Leasing Div, PO Box 800, PC 111, Seeb.
Al Azaiba Tel: 24592143 / 24590430 Fax: 24595584
4WD: 75 Mitsubishi Pajero, Galloper, Twincab pickups.
Saloon: 300 Mitsubishi Lancer, Galant, Sigma
Luxury: 50 Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concord New Yorker
Vans: Mitsubishi Rosa ­ 12 + 28 seater
U/M 250 kms per day Recovery 24 hours
Tours offered. Amex, MasterCard and Visa only.


Al Miyasa Rent-A-Car

PO Box 2890, Salalah, Postal Code 211
Al Salam Street (next to Redan Hotel) Tel: 23296521 Fax: 23296724
4WD: 2 Toyota Landcruiser, Prado
Saloon: 15 - Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Escort
Luxury: 2 Ford Contour Buses: 2 Nissan
Rates: From RO 12 per day, RO 77 per week, RO 270 per month. Low Season Discount.
U/M: 200 kms only
Chauffeur: From RO 10 per day
Tours offered. Credit Cards.

Arabian Tours

PO Box 1385 Ruwi, Postal Code 211, Salalah.
Location: 23rd July Road
4WD: 2 Saloon: 18
Luxury: 5 Vans: 3 Buses: 3.
Rates: From RO 14.000 per day, RO 90.000 per week, RO 300.000 per month. Low Season Discounts.
U/M: 250 km per day
Insurance: Full
Chauffeur: On request

Avis-Oman LLC

Salalah Holiday Inn Tel: 23235581 / 82 Fax: 23235581
Budget Rent-A-Car
Salalah Holiday Inn Tel: 23235160 Fax: 23235966.
Salalah Airport Tel: 23290097.

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