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1000 Nights Camp

1000 Nights Camp

The Thousand Nights Camp, set up over 20 years ago by the Empty Quarter Tours, is a wonderfully crafted, one-of-a-kind desert-dwelling neighborhood located on the golden Wahiba Sands. The guests can reach this location only in a 4WD vehicle that too after an exhilarating 40 km desert drive through the soft sands. However once they enter the camp, they enjoy a different luxury experience, which even incorporates spiritual intonations that will stir their soul. Also the first-hand acquaintance with the finer nuances of the nomadic Bedouin life in tents, in the heart of this lonely desertscape, is another priceless takeaway.
The pristine setting among the Cineraria trees emphasizes the beauty of the virgin sand dunes surrounding the camp. Most mornings have the tents mysteriously draped in the smoky allure of a hazy fog, that gradually disappears, as the sun climbs the horizon. The lucky few who wake up to witness that will never forget that sight in a hurry. The first night spent in that magical canopy of stars at the Thousand Nights Camp (TNC) on the Sharqiya Sands in Eastern Oman, is one memory that will stay with you forever.


Arabic Tent
An authentic Arabic style tent with sharing toilet and shower presents an open view to the starlit sky by night. The Arabic Tent is a traditional tent coming in a size 4 Sq Mtrs . Only an electric lamp is provided, hence all other electric charging needs for camera, mobile, laptops etc will have to be addresses in the common plug points provided in the restaurant area.

Sheikh Tent
A very authentic Bedouin style tent made with a coarse drapery crafted with a mix of goat and sheep wool. The tents are built on cemented platforms, mounted with a wood-walled superstructure that has a sloping polygonal hipped roof with steeply pitched slopes rising to a peak. The tent construction provides for a front wall in all glass from which the guests could survey the sands by day in the refuge of the shade of the hut.
The sidewalls of these tents are then enveloped with that distinctive black woolen cladding having four white stripes running along the middle. The plain black canopy-drape is then pulled and imaginatively stretched on three equidistant ropes, which get pegged to the ground in front of the glass wall, thereby giving the hut the look and feel of a real tent. By day the scatter of these dressed tents, stand out attractively against the reddish brown sandy background.
This accommodation comes with an attached toilet and shower, with an open view to the sky. Among the few minor amenities that have been provided as a step-up from the Arabic option include, a dim electric lamp, an electric charging plug for camera, mobile and laptops, and complimentary tea/coffee kettle set. The table and two chairs in the tent could be moved outside to enjoy a late night romantic gaze at the firmament.

Ameer Tent
Ameer Tent is a luxury experience, devoid of side walls. A fully furnished room encased in reflective glass affords grand views of both the eastern and western horizons. Hence this tent is a wonderful place to witness both the sunrise & sunset from the private balcony.
This air-conditioned room has an attached covered bathroom with all amenities including water heater, a TV, with satellite connection, refrigerator, with water and soft drinks, fruits, and a complimentary Tea/Coffee kettle set.

Sand House
The most luxurious air-conditioned lodging option is the Sand House. Like the Ameer accommodation it is created with reflective glass all round which gives spectacular views of the vista. The location and setting is truly romantic, and that atmosphere is further enhanced by the flickering lights of candles and lamps at various nooks and crannies of the apartment.
The al-fresco private balcony has an Arabic style open majlis seating area. A TV with satellite connection, refrigerator stocked with complimentary water and soft drinks, fruits, and Tea/Coffee station add a feeling of extravagance, in an otherwise frugal setting of the camp.


Desert Ship Pool Side
This is one of the prized relaxing spots on the property. Precious and cold water to generously splash around in the middle of a hot desert. Constructed at an elevation it provides amazing views of desert for those lounging by the pool side. The restaurant around the pool serves a limited a la carte menu from 12pm to 3pm. The Desert Ship is fabled to serve some of the best non-alcoholic drinks one can get in the desert. There are some games like caroms, billiards, chess etc available for relaxation.

Arabian Nights Restaurant
For ease of congregating the Arabian Nights Restaurant - the primary eatery of the camp, is locked in the heart of the property, next to the swimming pool. There are three different types of dining areas into which the guests can disperse to savour their meals. the primary one is the main restaurant, which can easily cater to 100 seated guests. The second one is an formal Arabic style dining area, with floor-seating. Third one is semi-Arabic dining style with lots of small 2 seater tables and normal seating. The main meals are served as buffets and they change every day. The buffet menu included some staple Arabic fare like shawarma, kebabs, Omani slow-cooked lamb shuwa, tandoori chicken and other subtly marinated and barbecued meats.
These came along with fresh salads, a variety of baked breads, a choice of rice dishes and fresh fruit desserts. The central cold-storage point that stocks water in plastic tumblers and cold drinks is located here. Guests can come and take the complimentary coffee, tea, cold drinks and dates, round the clock from here.

Recreation Options
The camp has arranged for some great recreation options for its valued guests. These include group camel safaris which is a nice way to scale the crests of the sand dunes and get breathtaking views of the sunrises and sunsets.
A stable of trained horses allows guests to go horse riding. Dune bashing in specialist 4 wheels drive vehicles is another adventurous way to explore the desert that is very popular among the visitors. Guides at the camp can also arrange for a visit and Kahwa with Bedouin family for guests who are keen to discover the local culture, language, traditions and lifestyle. Desert treks with a Bedouin guide and sand-sliding can also be arranged. Oud players and Bedouin dancers are arranged on special request.
The hosts have exclusive Camp Fire, Dune Dinner/Breakfast Setups at extra-cost.The inviting blue waters of the swimming pool attract a lot of youngsters. A Books & Table Games Corner is arranged at a remote corner inside the main restaurant . The billiards table, volleyball ground and dart-board keep many engaged in the evenings at sundown.
The kids have a Children›s Playing Yard which is located next to the Camel & Horse Riding Yard, Arabian Gazelle & Oryx Yard that also serves as a mini zoo in the dessert. This area at the entrance parking lot also is a much preferred photo spot with these different variety of animals.
A note of caution is that, it is better to reach the camp in daylight, as the non-availability of mobile phone connectivity enroute to the camp for long distances, will make it difficult for those who might lose their way in the darkness in the desert. Though free Wi-Fi is made available in the camp; it is very erratic and painfully slow, due to remoteness of the camp.

Experience Tranquil Bliss
Cut off from civilization and connectivity everyone gets to unlock some precious hours of ‹me-time› for soul-recharge here. Just enjoy the murmur of the gentle desert breeze, under a starlit sky and let tranquility revisit your soul at the 1000 Nights Camp.


For information and bookings
Tel: +968 22060243

1000 Nights Camp

P.O Box: 9 Postal Code 115

Mandinat Al Sultan Qaboos

Sultanate of Oman

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1000 Nights Site Map at Wahiba Sands - Al Mintrib



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