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Website Advertising: Measure Your Results
With over 150,000 visitors a year, DestinationOman website is one of the most visited websites in the Gulf region. We’re constantly growing and exposure is high to both locals and tourists visiting our area. We have digital billboards, half pages, rectangular ads and skyscraper ads that appear in many areas of our website. Stop guessing whether your ad was effective or not! When you place an ad on our website with a link to your business website, you can get reports to see exactly how much traffic was generated by clicks on your ad and the number of times it was displayed.

A determining factor in the successful presentation and marketing of Oman’s tourist facilities is a thorough knowledge of the market and target visitors, marketing focused on the guest, and the development of services and facilities based on quality and on the principles of sustainable development of tourism. DestinationOman puts all of this into effect in specific activities and partnership cooperation with Oman’s commercial tourism sector and other key partners of DestinationOman.

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Options for participation in the portal
There are various options available for you to present your tourist services.
The way they are displayed depends on the fact whether you are the owner of the accommodation in Oman that you wish to rent out for tourism purposes or whether you own a travel agency that offers trips to Oman.

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