Weather & Seasons


Oman is located in the northern hemisphere, and as such the seasons are the inverse of those in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Summer is June-August
  • Autumn is September-November
  • Winter is December to February
  • Spring is March-May

Wadi Darbat – Just 30 minutes from Salalah


Oman typically experiences a few days of heavy rain each year, with the exception of Dhofar (in southern Oman) which enjoys a unique monsoonal climate from July-September known as the Khareef, with regular rains cooling the air and attracting tourists while the rest of the country experiences the heat of the summer.

Rugged mountain landscapes around Jebel Shams


Oman’s high mountains enjoy an altogether different climate. With villages and places to stay up above 2000m altitude, it can be very cool here in winter, and always significantly cooler than the temperatures elsewhere in the country.


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