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Experience Review: The Sheraton Oman

April 13, 2021

Standing tall in the middle of the bustling CBD area in Muscat, Sheraton Oman is bound to catch your eye even from a distance. A landmark in itself, apart from being popular as the tallest hotel in the city, Sheraton Oman also has a rich legacy with over three decades of history.

On entering the hotel, one can instantly appreciate the distinct sense of refined sophistication that Sheraton hotels are famed for. Turn right from the lobby and spend a few minutes admiring the Tea Library that radiates a sense of pure regality. One of the most striking aspects of the hotel is probably the courtyard that is bordered by cherry blossom trees, making it one of the most popular ‘Instagrammable’ spots.

Moving to a more private space, the rooms exude an aura of warmth with soothing tones of yellow, white and cream. Laid over perfectly polished wooden floors that match the plush furniture, works of Omani artists and traditional local jewelry in the form of wall-hangings dot the walls, bringing in a ‘touch of local’. Endowed with spacious bathrooms with rain showers and large bathtubs, walk-in closets and a generously-stocked kitchen, the Executive Suite at Sheraton Oman also boasts of a living-cum-dining area and cozy niches with study tables that have always earned an appreciative nod from guests. The rooms receive all the essential items a business traveler might be looking for while still exuberating the aura of comfort that a leisure traveler yearns for.

Adding a more intimate touch to the welcome, Sheraton Oman believes in going the extra mile to enhance the experience of those initial few minutes of excitement when one checks in to their room. Be ready for little surprises like welcome gifts in the form of edible chocolate arrangements, signature Omani halwas and sweet-treats that you can keep nibbling on throughout the stay.

With a keen focus on hospitality to ensure the absolute comfort of its guests, Sheraton Oman also has a number of recreational options including a well-equipped fitness center, a business lounge, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a spa.

The spa at Sheraton Oman deserves a special mention. With trained therapists who are passionate about ensuring a blissful rejuvenation journey, the spa offers an array of different massages, facials and body treatments. The signature massage, which is a favorite amongst guests, is a blend of acupressure techniques and gentle kneading motions designed to ease the tension in those sore muscles. The cozy ambience, relaxing music and subtle aroma of essentialoils, all go about to make the experience something you’d be longing to revisit. Not to mention, sometimes little things make a lasting impression. The thoughtful illusion of a star-studded sky (so you don’t have to stare up at a blank ceiling) is just one of those little things that you’d tell a friend about. The spa also has an exclusive couple’s room for when you want to de-stress with a
little company.



Tip: The therapists are increasingly receptive to direction. Though their expert hands can effortlessly detect knots, weak spots and tension, it’s a good idea to be vocal about the degree of desired pressure and areas where you’d prefer more attention.

Head to the sauna, take a dip in the pool, or relax on a lounge chair as you gaze upon the perfectly-manicured lawns with the fountains offering a soothing burble in the background – Sheraton Oman is a favorite amongst staycation-lovers looking to immerse themselves in a truly revitalizing experience.

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